List of finished work

  1. Fixed Point Iteration Method
  2. Ising Model In 2 dimensions
  3. Presentation on “A short introduction to LaTeX and it’s importance”
  4. Presentation on Reciprocal Lattice (Get Surprise!)
  5. Poster created for International Conference on Physics of Space and Materials (ICPSM 2017)
  6. LaTeX template for the preparation of bachelor’s project proposal under Tribhuvan university formatting
  7. Bachelor Thesis: “An open source code for Causal Dynamical Triangulations without preferred foliation in (1+1)- dimensions with elementary expositions”

On-going Projects

  1. An Open Source Code for Causal Dynamical Triangulations Without Preferred Foliation in (1+1)- Dimensions
  2. Measures of distance and duration in (1+1)- dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations without preferred foliation
  3. Notes for Physics GRE to Ace
  4. Calculator for Approximate Perimeter of Ellipse by different Mathematician

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