Author: Damodar Rajbhandari ([email protected])(

Time-stamp: <2017-10-08 19:06:44 (Damodar)>

Author voice: LaTeX Template for report but intially designed for the preparation of bachelor’s project proposal under Tribhuvan university formatting.

Note: I assume you have TeX Maker completely installed. And if you are new to LaTeX first go through this presentation file: A short introduction to LaTeX and it’s importance.

Packages needed:

amsmath, times, hyperref, amssymb, graphicx, geometry, fancyhdr, pdfpages and nomencl.

Need to know:
Use LyX software for making desire tables.
To put abbreviation use this code: \nomenclature{CDT}{Causal dynamical triangulation}.
While compiling list of abbreviations, all you need to do is first compile with PDFLaTeX then LaTeXMk again PDFLaTeX. I assume you have properly installed LaTeXMk in your TeX Maker editor.

ENJOY Learning!